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We work hard to offer contractors simple, practical and compliant umbrella solutions.


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About Paico Umbrella Solutions

At Paico Umbrella, we work hard to offer contractors simple, practical and compliant umbrella solutions. We understand that no one size fits all, so we deliver bespoke solutions that offer real choice and first-class service. 

What We Do

When you join Paico Umbrella you can work on numerous different assignments for agencies and end clients.

Joining Us

Simply fill out the registration form  or call us on  03301359119 or  email us info@paicoumbrella.co.uk

Our Benefits

When you join Paico Umbrella you get access to all our benefits on offer with a dedicated point of contact. 

Whilst focusing on efficiency we do not lose sight of the law.

We will help you to meet all your tax obligations while ensuring that you are always receiving the best possible care and control of your money. We place customer service and compliance at the heart of everything we do, providing clarity and transparency to all our clients and contractors alike. We honour the spirit of the law, not just the letter, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your pay is processed in a compliant manner. We have built a reputation for customer service based on a culture of operational excellence and continuous improvement We pride ourselves on friendliness, a personal touch and excellent service.

We handle your admin and payroll

giving you time to fully focus on your job. You do not have to worry about calculating your tax and National Insurance Contributions (NIC) because we will do this and send the funds to HMRC for you. We process all your timesheets and invoices and pay you salary after allowing for deductions. We will retain nothing from the contract value, for our own gain, other than the margin you have agreed to pay us.

You will be paid swiftly and accurately

there will always be someone available to talk to if you have any queries or concerns. You will receive a payslip like a permanent employee and the appropriate deductions will be listed for your information. We provide you with an intuitive, online accounting system so that you can look up the status of your timesheet submissions and expenses claims in real-time.

You will get all the usual benefits of being a UK employee including holiday pay employers and employees pension contributions, maternity, paternity and statutory sick pay.

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