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How It Works

When you join Paico Umbrella you can work on numerous different assignments for agencies and end clients. The employment is permanent and ‘overarches’ any and all fixed term assignments undertaken.  This provides continuity of employment for you. You will have an employment contract with us under which we help you to meet your statutory employment obligations and offer you full UK employment rights.

We will engage under a contract for services with your agency

which in turn, will have a contract for services with the end client. Payment for the work you do follows the same contractual chain.  The end client pays the agency which in turn, pays us for your services.  We then pay you after allowing for deductions (Tax, NI, pensions and our fee).

Precisely, here are the steps that will be taken if you join us:

Step 1

Once you have secured a contract role, we sign a contract with your recruitment agency.

Step 2

On your part, you will sign a contract of employment with us.

Step 3

Once you have completed a pre-agreed time period on site, you complete a timesheet and pass it on to your manager to sign.

Step 4

You submit your timesheet to us and agency on weekly or monthly basis depending on which one is applicable

Step 5

We will invoice the recruitment agency which in turn, invoices the end client

Step 6

Upon receipt of payment from the agency, we prepare your payroll.

Step 7

We process your payroll, and pay you a salary, following deductions of employment taxes, the pre-agreed margin, personal taxes, and pension contributions (if applicable).

Step 8

We will also reimburse you for certain allowable expenses you have claimed (e.g. mileage)

Step 9

You will be issued with a payslip which details all of these deductions and your net take home pay.

Step 10

At the end of each tax year, you can reclaim the cost of any remaining expenses against your income tax bill.

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