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We work hard to offer contractors simple, practical and compliant umbrella solutions.


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How do you sign up?

Simply fill out the registration form  or call us on  03301359119 or  email us info@paicoumbrella.co.uk

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What happens after you have signed up?

  • Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to provide us with proof of ID, your address and P45. We will then get in touch with your agency to request a copy of your contract.
  • You become our employee under an overarching contract, with a view to carrying out a succession of assignments for various agencies/clients during the course of that employment.
  • To enable you to work for an end client, we enter into a contract with them, or an agency. Our team will get in contact with your recruitment agency and arrange all of the contractual documentation.
  • You carry out your contracted duties at the temporary workplace.
  • You upload your timesheets to our web portal, and we’ll invoice your agency.
  • The agency or end client will pay us a rate – the contract rate – to cover payments for the work you have completed. 
  • On the day the agency releases the funds, we will process the payment and make deductions for Income Tax, NICs, and our margin. 
    The process is now completed! You’ll receive a text or email when your payment is on its way.

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